Our menu of Erotic Massages is a service aimed at adults, men, women and couples

Brahma Erotic Massage Center has over a decade of experience offering its clients a select and extensive menu of erotic massages. A service aimed at adults, men, women and couples, who are looking for a moment of relaxation and evasion in the expert hands of the best Erotic Masseuses Professionals.

All our services are adapted individually to the moment and needs of our clients. Our massages are chosen by, personalized and prepared for our clients so that they can enjoy each theme in a calm, professional, luxurious, elegant environment within the upmost discretion. Each of our masseuses is beautiful, elegant, discreet, attractive, expert and dedicated. Our masseurs are gentlemen, fully dedicated to our client’s pleasure. Brahma Erotic Massage Center offers you the best, we do not accept less, and neither should you.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information about our massages, rates and expert professionals. If you prefer, you can have our experts give you advise and help you find the massage and the masseuse or masseur that best suits your needs and fantasies. At Brahma Massages we create unforgettable and special moments with an unparalleled menu of stimulating services and the best expert hands of the best erotic massage professionals in Barcelona. In Brahma Massages you will always be our protagonist, you will wish your experience with us never ends.

Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Erotic Fusion

Erotic Fusion

Our masseuses will travel every inch of your body. Let their elegant, luxurious and lustful aroma enfold you
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Massage

Profesional Massage

Enjoy this professional massage in combination with other manual therapies of relaxation including our Ligam Massage
Masaje erótico Barcelona Brahma | Masaje Nuru

Nuru Massage

Let yourself get carried away by the ancient art of Japanese Erotic Massage and discover new and delicious sensations
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Massage to Couples

Massage to Couples

Whether this is your first time, or you are experts in the world of erotic massage, our masseuses will take
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Tantra Tibetan Massage

Tantra Tibetan Massage

Renew your body with a sensual, slow and deep massage with the lingam or nuru ending
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Disconnect from the world and daily stress with this three-experience massage: relaxation, lust, and climax
Masaje eróticos man to man en Brahma

Man to Man Massage

Our erotic masseurs will ensure that you live an unparalleled sensual, erotic or tantric experience
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Tantric Divan

Tantric Divan

Tantra, seduction and body to body. No need to say more. This massage will make time stop
Masaje erótico Barcelona Brahma | Masaje Lingam

Lingam Massage

Tantric massage where you’ll receive extreme pleasure from ancient tantric techniques, eroticism and arousal
Masaje erótico Barcelona Brahma | Massage in Hotels

Massage in Hotels

If you are visiting Barcelona or you just want to relax and unwind, we offer our services in the privacy
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | French Shower

French Shower

An exciting erotic encounter full of mutual interaction and pleasure. You can’t miss it
Erotic Massage in Barcelona Brahma | Prostatic Massage

Prostatic Massage

If you want to live your sexuality freely, completely and through extreme sensations, this is the massage for you
Body Body Massage

Body Body Massage

One of our most erotic and sensual massages that will provide you unlimited pleasure
Masaje erótico Barcelona Brahma | Masaje para Mujeres

Massage for women

Feel how our masseurs’ hands caress, pressure, rub, stroke and massage every inch of your skin


FOOTJOB BOOK NOW CALL US 617 151 332 Do you like feet? Try our erotic massage specially designed for our
4 hands massage

4 hands massage

Take pleasure in our erotic massage with the double amount of delight