The power of new

Novelty, innovation, improvement, change … These are words that focus our interest almost automatically on what they come with. But what is their appeal?

Neurology has a direct answer: something new increases our dopamine levels in the brain. It is logic that, living in a world of constant changes, our body rewards us with an interest in the new; adaptation is survival.

In Brahma Erotic Massages Barcelona we like to play with and enjoy novelty, in order to offer you different experiences in each of your visits, or rediscover old pleasures from an unknown perspective.

For example, combining one of our most requested erotic massages, the erotic fusion with an excellent body treatment such as chocolate therapy, or begin with an exciting French shower, rediscover the tantra massage in our tantric divan; all of these are new and fun ways to enjoy, pamper yourself and relax at the expert hands of our erotic masseuses and masseurs.

Perhaps you want to add more hands to the sensual game excite your senses unknown ways: an exclusive four-hand massage and, perhaps, come with your partner to rediscover and spice up paradise with an erotic massage and experience in the company of your choice within our luxurious facilities.

Finally, you can simply meet the latest additions to our select staff of masseurs and masseuses, such as the exotic Rizos and her special relaxing massage, perhaps feeling the magic all over your body with the excellent body to body massage of our friendly and dedicated Judith, or let yourself get carried away by Thais’ naughtyness under her sensual hands, discover the wonderful body of Sofia in a sweet encounter of eroticism and relaxation or the erotic and young body of Alma.

Let yourself be carried away by the ecstasy of the novelty in Brahma Barcelona.