The 5 benefits of tantra massage

When we hear about the term tantra, unconsciously, we immediately associate it with sex. Yes, it is true that tantra uses sexual energy to reach a higher fulfillment, but it positively influences other areas of our physical and psychological health as well.

In Brahma Erotic Massages Barcelona we want to explain five benefits that a tantric massage is able to give you:

1. Improves blood irrigation: On a physical level, every type of massage increases the irrigation or blood flow to the area of the body that is being treated. This translates into an increase in the response, relaxation and recovery of the treated muscular area.

2. Self-knowledge of the body: A tantra massage invites us to feel its circular energy throughout the body, and helps us to focus our present attention on each of its parts. This makes us more aware of our physique at the individual level in each of its areas to a complete whole.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety: Relaxating, stimulating our internal energy flow and relativizing the constant dictation of our thoughts, are immediate benefits to our stress and anxiety levels that tantra, thanks to its various techniques, is able to provide when applied in an erotic massage.

4.Improves the breathing process: We are not aware of how wrongly we breathe until we start to focus on our breathing. Tantra massage helps us to breathe better, to take deep breaths, which improve the oxygenation of the blood, and from the diaphragm, which influences the relaxation.

5. Mood improvement: There is no mood that can’t be improved by Tantric massage, before a greater relaxation, a muscular and circulatory improvement of the body, a greater self-acceptance and a decrease of the stress.

Through Tantric Massage we are able to improve all of these aspects of our body, that when combined with a successful dose of sensuality and eroticism, in the company of a professional erotic masseuse or an expert erotic masseure of your liking, such as those we have in Brahma Barcelona, not only it is a benefit but and assured pleasure.

What are you waiting for to take care of yourself with a tantric massage or to give the surprise of tantra well-being to that special person in your life?