Conscious Sexuality

Sex is a natural part of our life with the same naturalness as any other physiological needs of our body. For our complete well-being it is necessary to satisfy needs such as hunger, thirst or sleep for example. But unlike the rest, sex is a reproductive impulse that pushes us to unite and share it with another person of our liking. As a pleasure-seeking process, if we let ourselves be carried alone by the unconscious, the search sequence of our personal climax is clear and over time can become a routine with no other goal than to reach orgasm.

Thanks to tantra, and its invitation to get rid of all personal beliefs and morals, we can connect with the other person from a more present and sensitive place, connecting emotionally and leaving mechanical acts give way to a sea of sensations throughout the skin.

In Brahma Erotic Massages Barcelona, we offer you an extensive menu of tantric massages with which to experiment, because tantra is also giving us the opportunity to know what we like more or less, observing and enjoying without obsessing with the final result, thus enjoying every step of the way.

Our erotic masseuses and our erotic masseurs have the mission to teach you that what lays behind an erotic massage is not just the achievement of an orgasm, but a complete ecstasy from the internal connection with our body, letting the desire flow as sexual polarity merges into an instant of eternal pleasure.

So from Brahma we invite you to experience a conscious sex, born from the serenity, calm and complicity that Tantra gives us.